I have written over time several posts related to the Jimu robots and this is a try to put those posts together and organise them by topic.


  • Jimu: Getting Started – This  blogpost provides a first overview of the Jimu Astrobot package and the first impressions about the platform.


  • Jimu: Controller Breakdown – The Jimu controller is taken apart and we look at the way the board is designed.
  • Jimu: Servo Breakdown – This time the Jimu servo is taken apart and we look at the construction and design decisions.


  • Jimu: Hacking the Communication Protocol – At this moment there is no public specification of the communication protocol used by the Jimu controller to communicate with servos or other peripherals. In this blog I describe the first attempt to understand the communication protocol between the controller and the servos.
  • Jimu: Hacking the Communication Protocol (2) – We sniff the bus for more commands and try to figure out the package definition for instructing the servos to move.