Jimu: Post Index

I have written over time several posts related to the Jimu robots and this is a try to put those posts together and organise them by topic.


  • Jimu: Getting Started – This  blogpost provides a first overview of the Jimu Astrobot package and the first impressions about the platform.


  • Jimu: Controller Breakdown – The Jimu controller is taken apart and we look at the way the board is designed.
  • Jimu: Servo Breakdown – This time the Jimu servo is taken apart and we look at the construction and design decisions.


  • Jimu: Hacking the Communication Protocol – At this moment there is no public specification of the communication protocol used by the Jimu controller to communicate with servos or other peripherals. In this blog I describe the first attempt to understand the communication protocol between the controller and the servos.
  • Jimu: Hacking the Communication Protocol (2) – We sniff the bus for more commands and try to figure out the package definition for instructing the servos to move.


  1. Thanks, very useful information. I just bought one for my grandson, we already have a mbot (makebock), but that goes on arduino-> stm32. I’m looking forward to the sequel. (How useful are the downloadable materials of the Alpha series be used for communication?)

    1. This is a very good question. The posts until now cover only the communication between the controller and the servos. I have (and will include in future posts) the package details for communicating with IR sensor and LED lights as well as some other types of packages (ping for instance that, bizarrely enough is slightly different). The information that is available about Alpha is about the protocol used to communicate over Bluetooth between a device (phone or tablet using iOS or Android) and the controller. There are similarities (ex. the packages are also using a header 0xFB, 0xBF and also end in 0xED) but there are also differences. The best clue for this came from a Swift Playground (check github) that UBTech released for the MeeBot version that is quite nice for teaching children to code (albeit a little too simple), that gives some clues about the commands between the iPad and the robot. I did not have too much time to go through that, but it is definitely on my list to do. I’ve bought a Bluetooth sniffer (the one from Adafruit) and I plan to spend some time on this in the future.

      1. It’s a great source, as a pensioner I have a lot of time, but little know-how. There is a Raspberry pi3, I try also to snoop with bluetooth …

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