Why Am I Doing This?

There are several ways the question in the title can be read. You can have the contemplating sort of question, like after being asked “Why are you doing this?” where in reply you start with a “Why am I doing this?…” and follow with an explanation: “this is why I’m doing this…”. Or you can have in a rare moment of lucidity your sane part of your brain screaming towards the rest of it “Why-am-I-doing-this?” as if waken up from a dream and confronted with an absurd and embarrassing reality.

So, which one am I? To tell you the truth a little bit of both. There is a calm and reasonable side – one that tries to provide an answer to the readers’ question “So what is then your blog about?”. It’s about all those thoughts that you have while driving your car, or riding the Tube, or waiting for a coffee, those ideas that seem so interesting and challenging, but are then wasted in the sea of forgetfulness because they are never put in writing. “Verba volant, scripta manent” says the old proverb. What the Romans didn’t realise is that even for writing the permanence was relative. Internet seems to be a better bet; looks like nothing is lost here…

There will be all kinds of thoughts: some related to work, some about things that affect my day-to-day life (like economy or politics), some random ones, maybe an occasional grumpy one on a very bad day.

While I was writing this the cry from some over-responsible brain cell persisted: “Why-are-you-doing-this?”. For the time being is fine. It’s a small minority and I hope it will stay like that.